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For the past two years, a group of nine undergraduate seniors, four graduate family nurse practitioner students, two FNP alumni, and three faculty members in the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College traveled to Haiti to provide nursing care to patients throughout Haiti. This year, another group is going back! Graduate and undergraduate students, along with faculty and alumni, will be working in Haiti from January 5th, 2013 through January 14th. While the BC school of nursing has given us a grant for the trip, we still need to raise a considerable amount of money to pay for supplies, equipment, and another necessities for the Haitians we will be treating and meeting. We will be updating you throughout the semester and even after our trip on the fundraising efforts, as well as our personal preparations for this journey. We're all VERY excited, and we hope that you will be too!

Our Annual 5K

Our Annual 5K
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update from Port-Au-Prince

Hey everyone! We have been enjoying our last few days in PAP, Haiti. We spent some time at an orphanage and at Mother Teresa's establishment, which is a part- time orphanage and feeding center for malnourished children. Although very sad, it was another incredible experience for all of us. We hope you enjoyed Liz and Laura's previous post- we couldn't have explained the emotions of this trip better ourselves. Here are some pictures from our last few clinic days and this weekend.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You will remember your trip and the assistance that you gave to the Haitian people forever!

    Bless you all!