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For the past two years, a group of nine undergraduate seniors, four graduate family nurse practitioner students, two FNP alumni, and three faculty members in the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College traveled to Haiti to provide nursing care to patients throughout Haiti. This year, another group is going back! Graduate and undergraduate students, along with faculty and alumni, will be working in Haiti from January 5th, 2013 through January 14th. While the BC school of nursing has given us a grant for the trip, we still need to raise a considerable amount of money to pay for supplies, equipment, and another necessities for the Haitians we will be treating and meeting. We will be updating you throughout the semester and even after our trip on the fundraising efforts, as well as our personal preparations for this journey. We're all VERY excited, and we hope that you will be too!

Our Annual 5K

Our Annual 5K
BC in Haiti 2013-2014! Email us to buy a shirt and a hat @cullindo.csnoninhaiti2014@gmail.com

Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Experience Fundraising during Tailgating

On a beautiful September day, Mary-Kate, Meghan and I woke up to work up the tailgate prior to the game against Florida State University. Every game we walk around fundraising to support our trip to Haiti. It serves both to raise awareness and to also increase our funds to bring the most appropriate sets of medical supplies to the country. The sun shined on the parking lots filled with happy  families, looking to spend time to embrace the smallest pleasures of life. Dressed in our scrubs, we walked around waving three small Haitian flags. We were so stunned to see how intrigued the parents were to learn about our mission trip to Haiti. It was their pleasure to discuss what exactly we would be doing down in the country. Some were themselves nurses and gave ample appraisal as to how useful and practical this trip was. They’ve explained how it allows for actual exposure into the daily hardships people face relatively to our more comfortable lifestyles here in the United States. Moreover, they were intrigued to look at the Haitian flags and one particular person donated to get one flag. We’ve inspired him to raise awareness about our trip and to spread the word to his community. Every participant felt connected in some way and was the proudest to be part of a general effort to bring as much peace, happiness and health into this world. Being nursing majors, it goes without telling how much we appreciate the ways in which people praise the profession. They’ve showed cleared understanding of its holistic standpoint. Such enthusiasm and support towards a great cause makes the world a better place. Yes, we all are well aware that 10 days are not enough to change the country, however, we are hoping to better people’s life one day at a time.  Promoting health through education is key to better a community, as words will inevitably spread.
Parents, alumni, and all other contributors, this goes to say that your efforts and participation are grandiosely appreciated. All of your donations will go a long way to help with our work down Haiti, Leogane. As nurses, we strive to ‘excell in being men and women for others’. Without your help, it would not have been so possible. A marvelous day tailgating and fundraising essentially served to boost our confidence that all around us, our work is well appreciated. WE ARE BC!

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